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The Lawns, Gotherington, Cheltenham, GL52 9QT

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Our Vision:
‘We will ensure that Gotherington Primary School is a
stimulating, happy, exciting and positive learning environment where everybody is inspired to work together to achieve the Gotherington 'Goals' and reach their full potential’.
Our aims and objectives:
  • To create a happy community in a safe, open, friendly and secure environment
  • To foster in every child the characteristics of effective learning – curiosity; independent thinking and reasoning; ability to apply knowledge and skills; enjoyment and fascination; imagination and creativity; ability to reflect; without fear of making mistakes
  • To develop an outstanding curriculum which enthuses and stimulates and which responds to the particular needs of our pupils
  • To provide memorable opportunities to extend and enhance pupils’ learning
  • To encourage every child to develop socially and to achieve academically
  • To be committed to outstanding teaching that enthuses staff and children
  • To instill spiritual and moral values in every child and an understanding and appreciation of the diversity of British culture, encouraging self-respect, respect for themselves, others and the environment so that they participate fully in life in modern Britain and make a valuable contribution, always remaining tolerant of those with different faiths and beliefs.
  • To promote and model excellent behaviour where everyone understands the consequences of their actions
  • To develop in every child a willingness to participate in, and respond to artistic, sporting and cultural opportunities
  • To communicate clearly with staff, pupils, governors and parents ensuring that everyone works effectively as a team
  • To ensure that all children are fully prepared to take the next steps in their education and to be fully prepared to take their part in modern society 
Gotherington 'GOALS'
The starting point to Gotherington ‘GOALS’ was thinking about the following question: ‘What does it take to succeed?’

This was explored by staff, governors, parents and importantly pupils who came up with the following ideas:
  • Knowing what you want to achieve – goals, aspirations, targets, ambitions, dreams, etc…
  • Motivation – love of learning, enthusiasm, passion, drive, persistence, don’t give up, practice, overcome challenges, want to learn and succeed, enjoyment
  • Ability to acquire the necessary skills/knowledge – enquiring mind, learning how to learn, learning dispositions, finding out, research, practice, learning from mistakes, resourcefulness, excellent teaching
  • Hard work – Try your best, persistence, resilience, don’t give up, commitment, dedication, practice
We believe that ‘GOALS’ not only incorporates each of these elements but also allows for the inclusion of other values such as kindness, honesty, helpfulness, etc. It also plays an integral role in helping us all become more effective learners.

Central to our vision for the school, the Gotherington ‘GOALS’ are what we would aim to foster across the whole school community - challenging ourselves as children, parents, teachers, leaders and governors about whether what we do is living up to these values. The aim of the acronym is that it will aid memory of the core values with a deeper understanding developing over time through themed assemblies, displays, classroom discussion, repetition of use, communication to parents, etc…

Gotherington 'GOALS'