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Our School Council 2017-18
Why is our School Council important? 
Our School Council is a vital part of the school:
  • It provides an opportunity for pupils to share their views about the school
  • It provides an opportunity for pupils to share the views of their peers
  • It provides an opportunity for pupils to be honest about key ares such as the school vision, bullying, behaviour and safety
  • It gives pupils confidence to lead projects and to make improvements that will make the school even better
  • It provides school leaders an opportunity to listen to and act upon 'the voice of the pupils'
How do you become a School Councillor? 
Everyone has the opportunity to become a school councillor. You need to think about the qualities that a good school councillor has. You then need to present your ideas to your class and they vote for a boy and a girl.
When do we meet? 
Our School Council meets once a term. This is with Mr Jordan. We meet in the staff room and the agenda is arranged by the Chair and Vice-Chair.
Roles and responsibilities 
We make sure everyone has a job on School Council because we think it’s important that the children run it. Here are some of those roles and responsibilities:
Chairs the meeting.
Vice Chair:
Alternates chairing the meeting with the chair.
Writes Minutes in the meeting and types them up afterwards.
Controls the budget.