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Information for Parents

Please note that the weekly timetable is subject to change. I have attached a list of 100 high frequency words for children in Year 1 to learn. Learning these can be part of additional homework to support the children's ongoing development. They will not be tested on these until the end of the school year. Online abacus homework will now be set weekly aswell as a Maths homework sheet.

Fairy tale Celebration Day 2016

Year 1 children celebrated the end of the 'Once Upon a Time' Summer term topic with a celebration day. They decorated biscuits, made crowns and created dragon puppets.

3D junk model castles

The children designed and created 3D castles using lots of junk modelling. There were some fantastic designs and the children used the fixing materials independently.

House Kick Rounders

The whole school had a house rounders tournament. Year 1 and Year 2 played a joint kick rounders competition as they have been learning the rules of this game during PE lessons. Sudeley were the champions!

Multiskills 21st June 2016

Year 1 children attended a sports event held by Cleeve Secondary School. They took part in lots of different sports and had really good fun! One of our teams scored the most points and got a gold medal!

Warwick Castle

To celebrate our current topic 'Once Upon a Time..' we visited Warwick Castle. We took part in a swords and shields workshop where we learned lots about different weapons and the people who used to fight in castle times. We watched the trebuchet fire and visited the birds of prey. The children also explored the dungeons and learned about all the people who used to live in castle times. Finally we visited the adventure playground. The children really enjoyed the trip and they learned a lot about castle times!

Trip to Waitrose

The children looked around the shop and found items from a shopping list. They had to consider the prices of the items and talked about what they could by with their pocket money. They also did some cooking and made a fruit crumble. We learned lots of information about how to keep healthy.

T-shirt Printing

The children have been learning about printing patterns. They designed and created their own t-shirt print pattern using lots of different print pad patterns and fabric pens. They look brilliant!

3D Biscuit Castles

The children worked in groups first designing their 3D castle and then making it! They used lots of yummy treats including sweets, chocolate fingers and biscuits to create fantastic 3D castles!


The children watched our baby chicks grow and held them carefully to keep them safe.

Gingerbread Houses

The children designed and created gingerbread house from the story of 'Hansel and Gretel'. They used lots of different materials and chose bright colours like the wicked witch in the story.

Textured Castle Painting

The children painted castles using lots of different textured paints. The paints had lentils, sand, shredded wheat and glitter in them. Some of the paint felt soft and some felt crunchy!

Wizard Hats

The children designed and created wizard hats for our 'Wizard's workshop' area of the classroom. They have been creating their own potions and writing their own spells!


Children created Beebot maps using different construction materials. They had to use the controls to move the Beebots around some challenging courses.

World Book Day 2016

Children dressed up as their favourite story book character. We also wrote our own fantasy space story and read lots of our favourite stories!

Fire Engine Visit

Gloucestershire Fire Service came to visit. The children had a fire safety talk and were able to explore the fire engine!

Painting Aliens

Children designed and created their own alien using lots of bright colour paints. Some of the aliens were very scary!

PE Posters with Year 2

Year 1 & Year 2 children worked together to produce some fantastic PE posters. The posters showed all the fantastic sports that we take part in at Gotherington School. We had prizes for the top 5, but it was very difficult to choose as they were all brilliant!

@ Bristol Trip 12th January 2016

Year 1 children had a fantastic time on their school trip to @ Bristol. They learned all about the Sun, Moon and Earth by playing a game about aliens birthdays! They learned the order of the planets by remembering a silly sentence. They also spent time in the planetarium and trained to be space explorers!


Children in Year 1 have celebrated Christmas in lots of different ways. We have performed a Christmas play, created cards and wreaths and enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch!

Parachute Games

Year 1 and Year 2 played parachute games for their golden time. They chased each other in and out of the parachute and we all hid underneath in a big parachute bubble!


Children created algorithms for a beebot to follow. They used a range of instructions to create pathways.

DT Making Toy Boats

The children followed instructions to fold and cut paper, creating a paper toy boat.

Dogs Trust Workshop

Year 1 children were visited by the Dogs Trust. The children learned how to look after a dog and how to keep them healthy.

Old and New Toys

Children brought their old and new toys into school. They showed their friends and described their toys to each other.

Cotswold Motoring Museum

To start their new topic children in Year 1 visited Cotswold Motoring Museum to take part in lots of activities all about old toys and transport. They had the chance to play with lots of old and new toys. They also considered the materials toys are made from and reasons for this. They had a lovely day and did some fantastic recount writing about their trip when they got back!

Gruffalo Character Plates

The children chose a character from the Gruffalo story and created them using different materials and a paper plate. They used skills like cutting, sticking and painting in order to create their character.

Science Senses

The children took part in a range of activities to test their smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch. They tasted different crisps and had to identify the flavours, smelled lots of different spices, listened to musical instruments, touched a range of objects and described them and they looked at different images of places in Gloucestershire.

Matisse Snail Art

The children have been learning all about the famous artist Matisse. They looked carefully at his painting called 'The Snail' and they recreated their own snail artwork using paints instead of collage materials.

Gruffalo Pizza

The children learned all about pizza packaging, how to make pizzas and designed their own Gruffalo pizza. They understood the importance of being safe when cooking and created fantastic healthy Gruffalo pizzas.


Children have been learning to recognise numbers up to 6. They used dominoes to help them recognise the numbers without counting.

Gruffalo Drama
Kenya Art