Gotherington Primary School

The Lawns, Gotherington, Cheltenham, GL52 9QT

Connecting Classrooms

Developing links across the world
Our school has great pride with the links it has developed with other countries. We are proud to have partnered up with other schools within the EU and Africa. This year we are partnering with a school in Nepal. The whole school is involved - children and staff work together in different curriculum areas aiming for a cross-curricular approach. They are able to set up links with one another and share experiences and project work that they complete.

What are the benefits for our school?
  • children and staff are really excited when they make strong links with other countries
  • children and staff have direct contact with other cultures and languages
  • ideas and good practice are shared
  • team building opportunities
  • enhanced cross-curricular approach
  • development of new teaching strategies and materials
  • development of communication and creative skills for pupils
  • long-term friendships with people from other countries
Our partner schools this year is in Nepal. 
GG Kinamba Primary School, Kenya
Developing links around the world

With the help and support of FOGS, the school is delighted that we are in a position to establish new links with a school in the Gambia. It is hoped that future fundraising efforts will be used to support schemes that are taking place in the school, such as providing the children with play equipment. The link will also be used to educate children about the similarities and differences between our school and one in Africa. We have already found out that the children wear blue uniforms, love playing football and have their own vegetable garden. They are also about to make use of the old play equipment near to Gotherington Village Hall. This is an exciting link and one we hope will continue for many years.